Best quotes and captions

The best captions and quotes for instagram, snapchat, facebook and other social media.

What is a quote?

A quotation is a literal quotation of a fragment of another text or someone else’s words in a text. When quoting a given statement, we put it in quotation marks. The quotation marks themselves are separating, as they are intended to separate quoted words from normal text words.

Why do we post quotes on instagram and facebook?

It is a kind of way of expressing yourself and what you feel at the moment. Frequently quoted words are of great importance to us, we identify with them, they are important to us.

Where else can I put captionin quotes?

Nothing limits you. You can copy our quotes and paste them wherever you want. First of all, we recommend quoting on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

What’s the best way to insert quotes?

Try to throw them into some graphics program, choose the background you are interested in, and then paste the quote. This is one of the most popular forms of sharing quotes.
These types of quotes are more likely to be shared by other people, because they no longer have to prepare nice-looking graphics themselves.